Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei (sono_cat) wrote in st_blindlove,
Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei

Icons and fanart!

I got bored and did some fanarts.

Title: "Found you."
I was attempting to draw Sokka carrying Toph on his back but it just wasn't working out.

Oh look... Chibis... Because I gave up trying it for real.

And I figure ya'll might want some icons so....

Tags: art, icons
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nice, can you make mea icon?
=D Sure. What would you like an icon of?
A icon if Sokka/Toph, and one of Toph and Zuko.
I'll dig through the episodes for some Toph and Zuko and see what I can do.

In the mean time, here's another Toph/Sokka icon, a Sokka icon, and you're free to use any of the ones above. Just give me credit for them. ^^

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Wow these are really good! What program do you use?
Thanks! The drawings are just scans. They're just done in black pen. The icons were done in photoshop. =D