Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei (sono_cat) wrote in st_blindlove,
Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei

Some help plz? D=

So... I'm three pages from the end of Chapter 4 of my Tokka fanfiction, Lost Heaven, and I'm stuck. Chapter 4 is mostly recovery after the battle in chapter 3, and some more Sokka and Lo'nee conversations. But I need to figure out where I'm going to take the story from here.

I made my very first AMV a little whole ago, and it just happens to be rather Tokka. X3 It's mostly about Toph untill you get to the very end where I use my favorite clip evar.

If you know how to make the skipping and green parts go away, please let me know. D=
Tags: amv, fanfiction
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